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Security threat to singer Prakash Saput

Nepalese Times March 13, 2022 (2 Year ago)    1929 Views

Kathmandu: The security threat to singer Prakash Saput has increased. He has started receiving threats due to the music video about the pain given by the Maoist conflict.

Officials of Maoist-affiliated organizations have started threatening Saput.  Threats to remove videos from YouTube have increased.

 Pancha Singh, chairperson of the Maoist-affiliated ‘Akhil Krantikari’ not remain silent if the video was not removed. He has also received threats on social media.

Maoist central member Deepshikha has also warned. He said that some of the scenes shown in the music video were not only offensive but also punishable.

‘Pida Diyo’s song is currently trending on YouTube. The video has been viewed by millions of people on YouTube so far.

A music video has been made narrating the painful lives of the combatants directly involved in the Maoist conflict. Prakash Saput, Suraksha Pant, Samjhana Bhandari, Keshav Pun, and others have acted in the music video.

The video shows former Maoist combatants being forced into sex work abroad.

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