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Class 12 exams in the second week of May

Nepalese Times March 4, 2022 (2 Year ago)    933 Views

Kathmandu : The class 12 examination will be conducted from the second week of May.

The National Examination Board has stated that necessary preparations have been started for conducting the examination in the second week of May.

Chairman of the board Mahashram Sharma said that preparations are being made to conduct the examination and publish the results without affecting the upcoming academic session.

He said that they have been in the line to conduct the examination since the second week of May and preparations are being made so as not to affect the upcoming academic session. He informed that the board will soon make public the schedule of the examination.

The board is preparing to send the question papers of class 12 online this year as well. Due to Covid 19, the board has started sending question papers online since last year.

The board has stated that it is preparing to send question papers by correcting the problem of sending question papers online last year.

As in previous years, examinations will be conducted by designating examination centers.

Sharma, chairman of the board, said, “We conduct examinations in designated examination centers as in previous years.” We are ready to prevent the situation where students have to sit in the dormitory as much as possible while determining the examination center. ‘

According to the National Examination Board, around 400,000 students will participate in this year’s Class 12 examination.

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