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Government decides to grant public leave for 9 more days

Nepalese Times March 4, 2022 (2 Year ago)    634 Views

Kathmandu : The government has extended the holiday by nine days for the coming year.

As per the proposal of the Home Ministry, the cabinet meeting held on Monday extended the holiday of Dashain-Tihar by nine days.

It has been decided to give leave till the next day (Dwadashi) of Vijayadashami next year. Earlier, Tika was discharged only till the next day (Ekadashi).

Similarly, Bhaitika will be on leave the next day during the festival. The Newar community worships Kija on that day as Bhaitika.

It has been decided to give leave on Christmas, Dhannepurne (full moon of Vaishakh) and Mohammad Jayanti next year. It has been decided to give leave to Tamu and Sonam Lhosar and two other festivals of the Muslim community.

This year too, on the basis of the decision of the Council of Ministers, leave has been given for these festivals. Next year, it has been decided to include it in the leave notice.

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