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An interesting agricultural farm of Govinda Thapaliya

Nepalese Times March 1, 2022 (2 Year ago)    1644 Views

Kathmandu: This agricultural farm belongs to Govinda Thapaliya. Today we are showing you his Farm situated at Panchkhal Municipality -11 with an investment of around Rs. 220 million.

Thapaliya joined the Nepal Police in 2044 BS and promoted to the DSP in 2057 BS. Shortly afterwards, he left his government job to pursue a career in manpower.

He earned some money after starting a manpower company from 2058 BS, but he was not satisfied by this.

He then, on warded his agricultural career in 2063 BS from vegetable farming. Govinda Thapaliya has become an example that nothing halts from doing anything to those people who have gust to do something

By decimating the bushes that were afraid to walk, he has now made Kharelthok like a piece of heaven. He has started this business by taking a loan of Rs. 120 million from a bank and buying land with more than 52 ropanis full of bushes

9 years have been lapsed since he started vegetable farming. About Rs 80 million has been invested so far.

Before the corona terror, vegetables grown on Thapaliya’s farm were being consumed in 70 to 90 hotels in Kathmandu. His vegetable farm alone has been selling vegetables worth Rs 5 to 70 million annually.

He started raising broiler chickens in the traditional way from 3,000 in number in the beginning. At the very initial phase live chickens were sold at wholesale prices.

As the business geared up to the progress, he made his mind to run the farm in a modern way. He now has 15,000 broiler chickens. He sells chickens worth Rs 3 to 5 million in a month and a half.

He had earlier opened a cold store in Kathmandu City at the time he started vegetable farming. That is why there was no problem of where to sell his chickens.

Later, a cold stores in Kathmandu was set up with a plan to sell even chickens. He now has cold stores with the capacity of 100,000 kg with a blast room of minus 45 degrees Celsius.

Govinda Thapaliya now sells some live some prepared chickens in some hotels and some even online. He plans to export his products abroad with a plan to obtain ISO accreditation.

Govinda Thapaliya has not only vegetable and broiler chickens but also Boer goats.

The goat farm you are looking at has about a hundred Boer goats. He has brought goats of this breed from Bandipur, Jhapa, Surkhet and other places. Initially, he started with three Boers, but later he brought 40 from Jhapa.

He has invested more than Rs 3.5 million in goats. He sells goats for breeding purpose, not for meat.
He sells 100 percent Boer Gota for Rs 200,000 and 87 percent Boer for Rs 80,000 to Rs 100,000.
He sells a small percentage of boar for Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,500 per kg. You can also contact Govind Tapaliya if you need Boer Lambs.

Now we are moving towards Domestic Pig Farm. Starting from 6, the farm has about 80 Domestic Pig. In this farm you can see Durak breed and Land Race breed of America that is white Domestic Pig.

The farm has a capacity of 500 piglets and has been in operation for one year. It has cost Rs 12 million to build the physical infrastructure and more than Rs 1 million to buy the domestic piglets. Govinda Thapaliya is thinking of increasing the number of Domestic piglets.

Thapaliya has also started raising cows and buffaloes. The 30-capacity farm now has four buffaloes and five cows. The farm was started with the idea of making and selling cheese.

Govinda Thapaliya is thinking of expanding the farm that was with the investment of Rs 1 million. About Rs 2.5 million has been spent to run the college farm alone.

At present, there are about 100 his kaalij ( Jungle Fowl) in this firm. He has also reared up turkeys, Kadaknath and other local chickens.

Apart from Kaalij, he has invested Rs 4 million in other bird rearing. He has also started his own hatchery with a capacity of 3,000. He started his own hatchery to hatch and raise chicks.

At present, a birds shop and cold store called Meat Makers has come into operation at Chawahil Bhatkepul in Kathmandu.

He is planning to increase investment in the near future and make it as the number-one agricultural farm in Nepal. His farm now employs more than 42 people.

All food and accommodation facilities have been availed within the same farm After watching his hard work, that is what you all think, if something is done, what’s not to be the thing there about it ?

Photo by Govinda Thapaliya

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