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Paul-Samikchya case: what did Richa say after the Rekha ?

Nepalese Times March 1, 2022 (2 Year ago)    2792 Views

Kathmandu : Actor Paul Shah has been in the custody of District Police Office, Tanahu for the past few days. Shah is in police custody on charges of raping a minor singer.

Various comments are being made about Pal Shah, who surrendered after reaching the police office last Sunday, and the minor singer who was allegedly raped.

In this case, the actors are expressing their own views. Actress Rekha Thapa has said that it is the responsibility of the society to protect the minor under 20 years of age.

“Girls under the age of 20 are girls and girls have a legal right to all kinds of protection and guardianship,” she said on social media.

She said, ‘Who has love? How many times have you had sex? The law does not make sense of such morality. The pomp of society is not possible by talking. As for the girl, the moral standards and the practice of spreading mud are shamefully prevalent in Nepal. ‘

Actress Richa Sharma also says that there should be no injustice against minor singers.

Stating that having sex with a person under the age of 18 is rape under the country’s criminal code, she said that the state has the responsibility to protect the minor as it is not mentioned in the law who, what and under what circumstances.

Richa has also expressed outrage towards the society for killing the character of the singer who complained in favor of Paul. Meanwhile, actress Pooja Sharma is talking about Pal Shah coming back soon and working with him in another film.


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