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Preparation for temporary police recruitment, how much is the salary?

Nepalese Times March 1, 2022 (2 Year ago)    2713 Views

Kathmandu : Recruitment of temporary police is to be opened for the security of the local elections to be held in April. The government is preparing to have a temporary police force as only the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force will be insufficient for security in the by-elections.

The Police Headquarters is preparing to recruit temporary police in coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs. In the last election also, temporary police were deployed. An official said that more than one lakh temporary police personnel are being recruited.

According to a Home Ministry source, the temporary police will get a salary of Rs 24,000, while they will get Rs 5,000 as dress allowance and lunch. This time, the temporary police will be kept for about a month.

It is preparing to give training for about 10 days after selecting the temporary police. He is ready to provide services and facilities to the temporary police like a youth.

Eighty parties have already registered to participate in the local elections. The commission has also urged the government to ensure that all the people have been vaccinated before the election.

The government has set the date for holding local elections on April 12, 2020. The Election Commission is making rapid preparations for the elections.

According to the criteria, to be a temporary police officer, one should have completed 18 years and not reached 54 years. It is mentioned in the criteria that one should be able to read and write and not be a member of any political party.

It is also said that a person should not be found guilty of any criminal offense and should be physically and mentally fit. The term police thus appointed will have to work closely with the Janpath Police.

Leaving work or handing over to others is also prohibited to go somewhere or flee. It is mentioned in the criteria that the facility will be stopped if he leaves work in the meantime or does not fulfill his responsibilities.

It has also been mentioned that if any temporary police officer intentionally causes damage to government property, it will be recovered from him.

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